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02 February

I am dying. Well, I'm getting old. I bought something today.

A cat.

Yes. I am officially going to be a mad old cat woman. I'm 31 and I'm single and I've bought a cat.

But he's great. He's called Toby. And here he is!/p> Picture of Toby the cat

Meena said that every single girl our age needs either a cat or a gay best friend. I figured a cat would be less fuss. Caroline was taking the mick but she still came round with a can of tuna to try and make friends with him. Then she started going on about that stupid hedge.

I was tempted to name him after you-know-who but Toby's cute and fluffy so you-know-who's name wouldn't really fit.

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'Miaow!!!' from Toby

Molly Hooper 02 February 23:02